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Great smelling best friends for your nose and hands!

 Handmade in Temperance, Michigan! 

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Our room sprays will thrill your nose and

our foaming hand soaps will bring joyfulness

to your hands!

We don't just sell sprays and soaps, we sell best friends!

All of our products are handmade in Michigan by Scentral Dispatch LLC.

Products are mixed per bottle, per order, so please allow 2-3 days to make and ship.


$11.00 each

Your nose will be delighted!

Our room sprays smell great, have long-lasting scents, & eliminate odors!

Men and women collections can be used as a body mist!

700+ delightful sprays per 4 oz. bottle!


$10.25 each

Your hands will thank you!


Our foaming hand soaps smell great, makes your hands soft, & won't dry them out!

ALL soaps are sodium lauryl sulfate FREE!

100+ hand pleasing washes per 8 oz. container!

Upcoming Craft Shows & Pop-Up Shop Locations

Don't miss out on our amazing products!

Specials available!

Cash, Credit, Debit, Apple Pay, & Google Pay accepted!

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Who We Are

Scentral Dispatch LLC was founded because my wife and I were constantly disappointment with lackluster room sprays and soaps we bought at festivals and craft stores throughout the country over the years. Through research and development I've created best friends for your nose and hands!

Our room sprays and foaming soaps are made by hand. Each bottle is it's own batch, mixed together, poured, hand labeled and sealed. We never mix large batches because we want the customer to experience a true quality homemade product.


We formulated our room sprays so, when sprayed, the liquid dissipates quickly with minimal to no 'fallout', leaving behind an amazing long-lasting scent that will cover up most odors instantly. Nobody likes greasy floors and counter tops from oily sprays and nobody likes a weak scent mixed with a #2 either. "Mmmm, that Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and #2 is my favorite!", said no one ever!


We make our foaming hand soaps without harsh chemicals. All of our soaps are sodium lauryl sulfate FREE! After you wash your hands they'll be clean, moisturized, and they'll smell great too!

Thank you for visiting and we know

your nose & hands will love our products!

~ Jason Connor / Owner ~


We'd Love to Hear From You!

Let us know about your shopping experience and/or about our amazing products!

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